Memory and Identity Archaeologists

Memory and Identity Archaeologists

Interested in studying the archaeology of memory, cultural heritage and identity?

So are these folk!

Carito Tavera Medina
Instituto Peruano de Estudios Arqueológicos /  Peruvian Institute of Archaeological Studies  

Hi from Peru! I am a Peruvian archaeologist. Currently, I am the director of the Peruvian Institute of Archaeological Studies ( and I am a member of the research team of the Archaeological Project of the Chicama Valley developed by the Mayor National University of San Marcos. We also have the goal of motivating the development of feminist Peruvian archaeology. Together with a group of female archaeologists, we founded FLAMA- Feminist Collective of Women in Archaeology. 

I studied in the Mayor National University of San Marcos between 2010 and 2014. In 2016 I started my master degree in the Université of Rennes with the help of a scholarship given to from the National Council of Science and Technology of Peru. During 2016 and 2018 I specialised in the analysis of archaeological starch to reconstruct mortuary practices in Moche burials of the archaeological site Huacas del Sol y de la Luna in the north coast of Peru. This specialisation was possible with the help of my teacher the Dr Pilar Babot of the National University of Tucuman (Argentina).

The time I pasted travelling between Argentina and Peru, added to the context related to Peruvian archaeology caused me to be interested in feminist archaeology. On October 2018 I started investigating about the situation of women in archaeology with Lady Sanatana in a co-authored paper titled “Printed Inequalities: A First Step for the Study of Women History in Peruvian Archaeology”. On June 2019 we co-organized the international symposium “Women of the Past and Present: A view from the Peruvian Archaeology” ( in the faculty of Social Science of the Mayor National University of San Marcos. At the end of 2019, I publish the paper “A feminist perspective on the Peruvian archaeological community”.

In sum, my research interests are the study of the death and construction of memory in the prehispanic Peruvian world, the archaeobotany field, the patrimonialisation processes, the study of women in the Peruvian archaeology community and the role of women in the past. 
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Lu Stanton-Karczewska
West Yorkshire: England

Hallo! My focus is on data analytics, particularly the use of statistics and SQL, though I also have experience of Excel and Power BI. I have a strong interest in data clarity (how we avoid bias and presenting data inaccurately) and expanding the use of analytical tools in archaeology. I am interested in funerary archaeology, gender studies, LGBT+ history and representation and broadly, prehistory. Data does apply to everything, though, so if there’s a data set, I’ll be there to get excited about it. I am also a moderator for the BAJR (British Archaeology Jobs and Resources) site.