Finds and Post-excavation

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Interested in small finds and the post-excavation process?

So are these folk!

The website is being constantly updated as the network grows.

Dr. Dot Boughton
South Cumbria/ North Lancashire: England

I am a Small Finds Specialist with specialisation in Prehistoric Metalwork but I can ID/date metalwork from Bronze Age to 20th C. I also do English/German translations, copy editing and proof reading of theses, articles, reports.

My interests are: museum collections, museum collections documentation and display, archives and all general finds-related work; community archaeology and outreach, especially with finds; also trying to dip into Maori/New Zealand Archaeology!

I’m happy for anyone to get in touch via my freelancer email:
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Rebecca Devaney
Reading: England

My current speciality: I am a lithic analyst.

I am interested in: British flint industries, particularly the Mesolithic through to the Iron Age.

Please contact me on:

Sarah Jayne Botfield
East Midlands and Lincolnshire: England

Hello! I am currently undertaking a PhD researching Late Neolithic Grooved Ware pottery, and am very interested in the archaeology of the Neolithic. I am also interested in Military History and HER communications. I am happy to talk to students across all walks of life, ceramic based work and any Neolithic research.

Please contact me on:

Dr. Elizabeth Foulds
County Durham: England

HI, I’m Elizabeth. I am a small finds specialist with experience working in the commercial sector, with the Portable Antiquities Scheme as well as being a published researcher. My specialism is in Iron-Age, Roman and post-medieval artefacts and I am currently developing my interest in vessel glass.

My website is and you can email me at:

Dr Sara Machin
Headland Archaeology: England

I am a Roman pottery and ceramic building materials specialist; I am currently working for Headland Archaeology as a Senior Specialist and Post-excavation co-ordinator. Previously I worked as a Post-Doc on the Silchester project at the University of Reading. Following a part-time BSc at UcLan and MA (Ceramics & Lithics) at University of Southampton (during which time my daughter was born) I completed my PhD at the University of Reading in 2018. Happy for queries regarding ceramic specialisms, academia, archaeology & parenthood. Please contact me on my work email:

Kayt Hawkins
Archaeology South East/ UCL: England

I am  a ceramics specialist, focusing on later Iron Age and Romano-British pottery although I also have research interests in CBM, painted wall plaster and wider aspects of material culture studies. I am a member the Study Group for Roman Pottery, the CIFA Finds Group and I am part of the RESPECT Campaign.
I have worked for a variety of commercial organisations over the last 20 years (under the names Marter Brown and more recently Hawkins) and I have also worked as a freelance specialist. As a working parent, I have experienced a range of working patterns including part time/flexitime/term time contracts and am happy to talk through these experiences with anyone wondering about balancing family and career. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about training as a ceramics specialist, commercial work, publication, flexible working or even how to apply/upgrade CIFA membership! 

My email is: