December 2018
MWAH Set Up!
March 2019
CIfA ConferenceAmy and Alex attended CIfA 2019 to promote the work of MWAH
December 2019
TAG 2019Amy attended TAG 2019 as the MWAH Representative and launched Seeing Red
February 2020
Women in Heritage 2019Amy and Ruth attended the Women in Heritage event at the University of Edinburgh to discuss the work of MWAH and Seeing Red
April 2020
IDEAH LaunchAmy and Alex attended the IDEAH launch which included CIfA Equality and Diversity, British Women Archaeologists, RESPECT and Prospect
April 2020
CIfA ConferenceEvent postponed due to COVID however Amy and Ruth sent paper abstracts on how MWAH and Seeing Red are developing and the positive impact upon women and LGBTQIA+ minorities
August 2020
European Association ArchaeologistsAmy will be attending session 426. Further information forthcoming
December 2020
TAG 2020Amy, along with other MWAH members will be running a workshop focusing on women and LGBTQIA+ health issues in fieldwork archaeology and how to overcome them.