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Alex Slucky
Currently: London/ Oxford
Wants to find herself: Caucus and Central Asia

Current speciality/ area:

Archaeobotany of Central Asia with a focus on food migration, cultural exchange, and gender.

Hi, I am Alex Slucky, I am an environmental archaeologist who specialises in archaeobotany. I am passionate about understanding plant migration throughout Silk Roads history with a keen interest in trade, cuisine, and the role of women in domestic economies. I have a BA in politics and archaeology from Mount Holyoke College in the USA. A MA in Museum and Heritage Studies from The University of Sydney in Australia. I am currently doing my MSc in Environmental Archaeology at UCL researching Archaeobotany of food migration between Central and South Asia through the Kyber Pass. I have professional experience in Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

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Kath Hunter Dowse

My specialist area is archaeobotany with archaeobotanical (natural history) illustration. I work mostly in the commercial sector as a freelance archaeobotanist. I am particularly interested in palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, studying the economic use of plant parts from archaeological sites, as well as training others in identification and interpretation of archaeobotanical and palaeoenvironmental remains.

My website is and I can be contacted through that or at

Emma Karoune

Current project/research interests

Application of phytolith analysis to British Archaeological sites and open science practices in phytolith research.


Hi, I’m Emma Karoune. I am an archaeobotanist, specialising in macro-botanical remains and phytolith analysis. I’m currently working free-lance doing a project to make a phytolith reference collection for the British Isles with Historic England.

I studied BSc BioArchaeology at the University of Bradford where I really enjoyed spending my summers doing field work in Italy as part of the Pompeii Project. I also did an Industrial Placement Year in which I worked for Historic England doing excavations and post-excavation work, the University of Leicester conducting archaeobotanical research and the University of Bradford doing laboratory work for the Pompeii Project.

Then I went to do postgraduate study at the Institute of Archaeology at University College London. First completing a MSc in Palaeoecology of Human Societies and then moving on to a PhD based on the archaeobotanical exploration of agricultural communities in Northern and Eastern India. I have experience of working on archaeological material from Europe, Egypt, India and China.

After I finished my PhD, I worked as a Research Assistant for a while and then went off to become a Science Teacher. I worked on lots of STEM projects in that time and science/archaeology outreach work for Universities. I have just come back into Archaeology in the past year and I am enjoying all the new research going on.

One of my current research interests is open science practices in phytolith research in which I have been conducting an assessment of open access and data sharing.

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