Mentoring was set up in December 2018 by four friends, who all came from different archaeological backgrounds and experiences. We originally had an idea to match individuals with a mentor, whether as an early career archaeologist, to someone wanting to re-train. Mentoring now has over 1000 members from all over the world and has enabled better networking and contact between groups and individuals. We are a specifically pro- inclusive female, transgender and non-binary group who support equality, diversity and equal opportunities. The aims of mentoring is to enable networking opportunities in a safe environment, to create an area which folk can use for free to support, question and freely discuss topics, and encourage wider cross-community discussions.

We also have a Facebook Page: Mentoring Women in Archaeology and Heritage where we have over 1000+ individuals in a closed group. We use this group as our main forum and includes initiatives such as We Rock Wednesday, where we celebrate each others littlest victory’s, as well as enabling the whole group to help answer any question or query. We have a twitter account @MentoringWomeninArch&Heritage as well as personal emails, found in the bios below.

A note on language. MWAH is the acronym for Mentoring Women in Archaeology and Heritage. We are pro transgender and non-binary and encourage the use of the word Womxn and non-binary terms. We are updating our Facebook and Twitter pages to reflect this. No member of MWAH is required to speak English since Archaeology and Heritage is a global construct so we encourage mentors to come and join our network across language and location barriers.

Finally our mascot is a Puffin named Parker, who is a gender neutral puffin. Parker came about when the group was in its infancy in early 2019 and a discussion arose on the Facebook discussion group about what to have as a mascot. We wanted something gender neutral, that embodies the “small- yet- mighty” attitude of the group and something that would be remembered. As such as puffin was decided as a whole by the early group and Parker the Puffin came to be.

And yes we have badges.

Meet the team:

Amy Talbot
Web Admin

Fieldwork archaeologist 2012: Current
Currently attending the University of Bradford to undertake my MA in Archaeology and Identity (2019-2020)
University of Sheffield. BA Archaeology (2:1 hons). Graduated

Founder of Seeing Red Period Equality in Fieldwork Archaeology

Please contact me on: or find me on facebook.
Woman with a cow

Rosie Loftus
Web Admin

Archaeology Fieldwork 2015- Present

I am an assistant supervisor in Yorkshire and I am currently working on a big infrastructure project. My day to day life on site consists of anything from banking a digger to digging big holes by hand. The highlight of my time as an archaeologist was finding a perfectly preserved Roman Dandelion in waterlogged conditions.

I Graduated with a 2.2 (honours) in Ancient History and Archaeology from Newcastle in 2010. After graduation, I worked in retail, in a school library and as a care worker till I was offered my first Archaeology job in 2015. When I went to hand my resignation in my moment of triumph was ruined by giving myself concussion on an industrial fire alarm in the backroom of the shop I worked in.

I have recently bought a house my life pretty much consists of going to work and painting, but when I don’t have a paint brush in my hand, I am always on the look out for the next great vegan meal

Ruth Humphreys

A bit about me:
Fieldwork Archaeologist/Supervisor/Project Officer: 2008-2014 (with occasional periods out of retirement as a research fieldwork supervisor – can’t let the trowel get too rusty!)

Heritage/Historic Environment Consultant: 2015-current

My research and qualifications:

University of Birmingham: BA (hons) Archaeology and Ancient History (First class);
MPhil Archaeological Practice (Non-elite Funerary practice in Third Intermediate Period Egypt).
University of Leicester/British Museum: 3-year research post (Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan; Kerma archaeology)

Despite now being firmly rooted in the UK commercial section, I maintain a strong interest in the archaeology of northeast Africa and the archaeology of the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

Please contact me on:

Alex Grassam

Like pretty much all archaeologists, I can trace my interest in archaeology and history back to my early childhood. The first time I came across this thing called archaeology was in a book called Night of the Red Horse by Patricia Leitch, which my Dad was reading to me and my sister to pass the time on a regular trip to their caravan in Scarborough (no TV!!!). My interest was further piqued by programmes such as Meet the Ancestors and Time Team.

I studied Archaeology and Prehistory at The University of Sheffield and then got a job as a digger in the south of England. I had the opportunity early in my career to get training in producing archaeological desk-based assessments and reports, which I really enjoyed. This opportunity proved to be important, especially since becoming a parent comparatively early in my career which made continuing on the digging circuit impossible. I did manage to go back to university part time in 2004 to complete a MSc in Professional Archaeology at The University of Oxford. In 2007, I moved back up to Yorkshire to be nearer to my family, have support with childcare and carry on with my career.

I have now racked up around 17 years experience in UK archaeology, specialising in historic environment assessment. I took up a job in an engineering consultancy in 2017 as a heritage consultant in the environmental assessment team. I am now a Principal Consultant in Cultural Heritage and Archaeology. In my spare time, I help run the Pontefract branch of the Young Archaeologists Club with my husband. I am also a mother to two kids.

Please contact me on: