Consultancy and Cultural heritage

Consultancy and Cultural heritage

Interested in consultancy and cultural heritage?

So are these folk!

The website is being constantly updated as our network grows.

Sorren Alsford
South East London: England

I am currently working in cultural heritage consultancy but have interest and experience in experimental archaeology, and the early medieval period of Europe. Also I have a good general knowledge of UK archaeology!

I would love to work in a more practical and/or museum based role. Anything that would utilise experimental archaeology would be a dream come true!

Please contact me on: or drop me a message on FB.

Sarah Jayne Botfield
East Midlands and Lincolnshire: England

Hello! I used to work as a HER Officer (Historic Environment Records) and am now a Director of the Airfield Research Group where I volunteer compiling a specialist HER. My interests revolve around Military Airfields – history and archaeology, HER communication and Neolithic Grooved Ware pottery! I am happy to mentor students from all walks of life, and anyone considering working for a HER or within Military History.

Please contact me on:

Shannon Lewis-Simpson
Newfoundland and Labrador: Canada

Hello! My name is Shannon and I am an Adjunct Professor in Archaeology at Memorial University, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador’s Board Representative on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. I am happy to talk to people about medieval northern research, Canada, heritage designations and working on boards and with community.

I will be on research leave July- December 2020, but please get in touch with me, or leave a message.

Please contact me on:

Clare King
Swindon: England

I have worked for local and national governing bodies as well as consultancy and fieldwork and have been in commercial/planning archaeology for 30+ years and
I am interested in helping other archaeologists who need any support.

My contact details are:, which is in the CIfA Yearbook. Any emails please pop MWAH in the subject line!

Becky Ryan
West Yorkshire: England

So I am Becky Ryan and my speciality area is consultancy. A bit of a back story, consultancy was never my game plan, I graduated from university and had to get an admin job, but at a company that did archaeology/heritage. When they were looking for a graduate I was told to apply and have worked (damned hard) up from there. I have no field experience (I have scoliosis, it was always going to be a no go) but have worked very hard to learn what I needed to. Despite what a male colleague said to me on my third day in the Graduate role…it still gets to me on bad days.

My contact email is:, but happy to pass my mobile to potential mentees.

Claire MacRae
Newcastle and York: England

Hi, I’m Claire, City Archaeologist at York City Council. Following a BA in Archaeology from Newcastle University and MA in Archaeological Heritage Management from University of York I have worked within commercial archaeology since 2004. I spent 8 years working for a fieldwork unit in the north-east before becoming a planning archaeologist and HER manager.  She/Her.

Feel free to get in touch at: or Twitter @clairemacrae_17

Ruth Humphreys
Nottingham and Sheffield: England

Hi, I’m Ruth Humphreys and I have been working in commercial archaeology (with a few research themed breaks) since 2007.

I currently work for Wessex Archaeology as a Senior Heritage Consultant, a position I have held since 2017. My job entails consultation with a wide variety of clients to ensure archaeology and heritage are appropriately considered and assessed in a range of development settings. I produce, and manage the production of, archaeological desk-based assessments, settings assessment reports, heritage statements, environmental impact assessments, and written schemes of investigation, as well as input to a variety of screen and scoping documentation. My work requires a good knowledge and understanding of current planning legislation and heritage guidance, at both a national and local level, strong verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to manage time effectively whilst juggling multiple commitments.

My commercial background (with occasional periods out of retirement as a research fieldwork supervisor – can’t let the trowel get too rusty!):

Fieldwork Archaeologist/Supervisor/Project Officer: 2008-2014

Heritage/Historic Environment Consultant: 2015-current

My research and qualifications:

University of Birmingham: BA (hons) Archaeology and Ancient History (First class);

MPhil Archaeological Practice (Non-elite Funerary practice in Third Intermediate Period Egypt).

University of Leicester/British Museum: 3-year research post (Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan; Kerma archaeology)

Despite now being firmly rooted in the UK commercial section, I also maintain a strong interest in the archaeology of northeast Africa and the archaeology of the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

Please contact me on: