Osteology, Palaeopathology and Forensics

Osteology, Palaeopathology and Forensics

Interested in human osteology, palaeopathology and forensic archaeology?

So are these folk!

Amy Rattenbury
Wrexham: North Wales

Hello! I am involved with North Wales Forensic Anthropology & Bioarchaeology and interested in: education, outreach, forensics, osteology and taphonomy. I am also the membership secretary (and website manager) for the British Association of Forensic Anthropology.

Contact me on:

Dr. Lauren McIntyre
Oxford/ Rotherham

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am a commercial osteoarchaeologist. My research interests are: paleodemography, mass mortality, and post-medieval assemblages, though I do however enjoy working on osteological material from all time periods. My work has primarily focused on UK assemblages. I am also the commercial representative for BABAO (find us under the Resources section).

Email: lauren.mcintyre@oxfordarchaeology.com
You can also find me on Twitter @noddinggoth

Maxine Davison
Canadian currently living in Scotland

Hi, I’m Maxine! I am a Canadian currently living in Scotland and writing an MSc on Deviant Burial in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Britain with a particular focus on suicide victims. I am interested in deviant burials, funerary archaeology, dark heritage and historical archaeology. I am also interested to work in fieldwork archaeology, as well as osteology and palaeopathology fields.
Please message a MWAH admin for my details.

Dr. Elizabeth Craig-Atkins
University of Sheffield

Hi, I am Elizabeth Craig-Atkins and I am a Senior Lecturer in Human Osteology at the University of Sheffield. I specialise in human osteology and funerary archaeology as well as knowledge exchange in archaeology.

I am also the Treasurer for the British Association for Biological Anthropologists and Osteoarchaeologists (Find us under the Resources tab). I have experience of Mentoring Training for PhD students and had a positive experience of mentoring in my early career.

Project Links:
Rothwell Charnel Chapel: http://www.rothwellcharnelchapel.group.shef.ac.uk/
Archaeologies of the Norman conquest: https://www.normanarchaeology.org/participants
Grave concerns: https://graveconcernsproject.wordpress.com/

Please contact me on: e.craig-atkins@sheffield.ac.uk
Please note that I am not on Facebook.

Sadie Powell
USA and Sheffield: England

Hey, I’m Sadie. My speciality is in Osteology and Anglo-Saxon burial practices, but I am interested in: gaining more technical expertise, lab focused work and possibly aDNA analysis. I’m also interested in medieval archaeology and possibly learning a relevant language! Ideally I would like to work in the SE Yorkshire area as that’s where my family lives.

Please contact me on: sadiegracepowell@gmail.com

Kori Filipek
Durham: England and Transylvania Bioarchaeology: Romania

Hello! I’m the Director for Transylvania Bioarchaeology, which is a non-profit educational organisation. We mostly do field schools and training but we are female-led and aim to empower womxn and other underrepresented groups in bioarchaeology. We also, to my knowledge, run the only care-friendly field school in order to support women with caring responsibilities or disabled people who need additional support.

My speciality areas are: Bioarchaeological Excavation and Analysis and I am actively working in Mentorship, Training, Enabled Archaeology, Support for womxn, and anything Human Bones related.

My contact details are: admin@transylvaniabioarchaeology.org; k.l.filipek-ogden@durham.ac.uk

Jennifer Gonissen
PhD Candidate
Faculty of Medicine, Brussels: Belgium

I am initially an art historian and a certified teacher in art history and archaeology. I am also a graduate from the University of Sheffield 2013 and now back in Belgium on my 3rd year of PhD, in Biomedical sciences, and a Teaching Assistant in human osteology and anatomy in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Brussels. In Sheffield I had an amazing female tutor for the MSc thesis, and now I am more dealing with old-fashioned male supervisors so actually I could use some support from the members of Women In Archaeology myself.

Here’s a small bio: https://careers.dept.shef.ac.uk/casestudies/students/casestudy.php?id=3352My current research is a pluridisciplinary research on a collection of human remains gathered but the first Anthropological Society of Belgium in late 19th century (archives research, osteological analysis, trauma, pathology, paper analysis and preservation…)

Please contact me on: Twitter @frausanitka and my e-mail as jennifer.gonissen@gmail.com

I also have a website https://jennifergonissen.wixsite.com/jennifergonissen